Information, Grants, Exchange, Scholarships

German Friends Society of TECHNION (Israel Institute of Technology), Israel's technical university in Haifa.

Support for German-Israeli scientific cooperation

Since its re-establishment in 1982, the German Technion Society (DTG) has been committed to scientific cooperation between the Technion and German universities, supervises and supports research projects and provides its own programs for funding opportunities through third-party funding.

Funding and exchange of young people in science

The self-administered programs initiated by the German Technion Society range from student exchanges, research internships and travel grants to symposia between the Technion and German universities. The focus of funding and science is on young scientists.

Funding of the Technion and information on Israel's Technical University

The Technion, Israel Institute of Technology — IIT — is the oldest university in Israel. It was founded between 1909 and 1912 by the DTG’s predecessor association, built in Haifa and opened in 1924. The German Technion Society is recognized as a non-profit organization. It promotes the Technion, its scientific relationship with Germany and creates exchange programs for young scientists with donations and funding.

External resources

Further information on the latest research at the Technion, events organized by Technion societies worldwide and entries on the social media platforms can be found here: