Management Board

German Technion Society

The German Technion Society is a recognized non-profit association based in Hanover with its head office in Berlin since 2003.

Its aim is to promote scientific links between Germany (especially German universities and non-university research institutions) and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa — the oldest technical university in Israel, and to support the work of the Technion both ideally and materially.

These include:

  • the dissemination of information about the Technion in Germany
  • the promotion of joint research projects as part of the cooperation between German scientists and the Technion
  • to promote the exchange of young scientists between the Technion and the Federal Republic of Germany
  • the granting of scholarships to Technion students and to German students who wish to study abroad or do a research internship at the Technion
  • the non-material support of the Technion, e.g., through participation in the “Board of Governors” (Board of Trustees) in Haifa
  • the material support of the Technion through contributions from membership fees and donations.
    For example, the German Technion Society has developed the
  • “Chair of the German Technion Society for Mechanics in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering” endowed at the Technion

The General Meeting of the German TECHNION Society takes place once a year (usually in the fall). Guests are always welcome.

Since its foundation in 1982, the company has been led by the following chairmen

Prof. Dr. Eduard Pestel (Hanover), Erik Blumenfeld (Hamburg), Dr. Christian Hodler (Hanover), Prof. Dr. Thomas Scheper (Hanover), Prof. Dr. Oscar-W. Reif (Göttingen, since 01/01/2019)

Current Board of Directors of the German Technion Society e.V.

Prof. Dr. Oscar-Werner Reif (Göttingen, Chairman),
Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Gerd-Volker Röschenthaler (Bremen, Deputy Chairman)
Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Thomas Scheper (Hanover, Deputy Chairman),

Dr.-Ing. Nayim Bayat (Wehr),
Lawyer Michael Fürst (Hanover),
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Alexander Heisterkamp (Hanover),
Prof. Dr. Denise Hilfiker-Kleiner (Marburg),
Dr. jur. Dr. h. c. mult. Christian Hodler † (Hanover),
Former State Secretary Dr. Sabine Johannsen (Hanover),
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Dr. h.c. Joachim Klein (Braunschweig),
Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Roderich Süßmuth (Berlin),
Prof. Dr. Marc Tornow (Munich),
Prof’in. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt (Düsseldorf)

(elected until 31.12.2024)