Student exchange

Some German universities have concluded exchange agreements with the Technion, such as TU Berlin, TU Munich, RWTH Aachen and Leibniz University Hannover (LUH). In addition, a dual PhD agreement was signed between LUH and the Technion for the first time in 2016, which offers doctoral students from the field of life sciences the opportunity to write their dissertation in accordance with both doctoral regulations and with supervisors from both universities.

If you wish to spend one or two semesters abroad at the Technion, you should bear in mind that the Technion generally charges tuition fees, the amount of which is determined by the Israeli state. These fees are waived for exchange students from German universities with which a cooperation agreement exists. Questions about the exchange conditions can be directed to the “Technion International” department.

For 4-6-week or longer research internships, the approval of the lab supervisor and the confirmation of the “Technion International-Research” department are required after registration in the selected lab. To register at the Technion, you must submit a transcript of records for the semesters completed and the recommendation of a supervisor from your home university. Research internships in the field of life sciences have been supported by the DTG with its “Life Science Network” program since 2006. Find out more at Since 2021, students at universities in Lower Saxony have been able to submit applications for funding for a research internship on the ILSSE portal, regardless of department.

The recognition of academic achievements at the Technion should be clarified with the home university as early as possible. The departments of some German universities have harmonized their curricula with those of the Technion, while others promote internships at the Technion. In addition, the Technion offers laboratory techniques and teaching content in various areas that complement the German curricula.

If you are planning to enroll for an entire study program, regardless of whether it is a Bachelor, Master, PhD or PostDoc program, please send your application to the International Office of the Technion. A Psychometric Entrance Test (PET) must be completed before admission to a Bachelor’s degree program. Depending on the subject area, you may have to take entrance tests and possibly meet other study requirements. Applicants for a dissertation or a postdoctoral stay should contact the Graduate School or Ms. Laufmann directly. In addition to an interesting working environment, the Technion also offers young scientists family-friendly apartments on campus.