History of the German Technion Society

Call for foundation

The call to found a Jewish university was made at the Fifth Zionist Congress in 1901, with Theodor Herzl as the spokesman for this educational idea.


Laying of the foundation stone

Foundation stone laid halfway up Mount Carmel

April 11, 1912

Opening of the Technion

Prof. Albert Einstein takes over the chairmanship of the first Technion Society, the university opens in December 1924


Decision years

Ban on the Technion Society in Germany and Jewish scientists on the run



The Technion is expanding and moving to a new campus with numerous new faculties


Medicine and engineers

Israel's Technical University receives a medical faculty and lays the foundation for innovations in medical technology


Re-founding of the German Technion Society

The German Technion Society is re-established in Hanover; its founding members include minister presidents, university heads and business representatives. The Berlin office opens in 2003.


First Nobel Prizes

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover and his doctoral supervisor Prof. Avram Hershko receive Israel's first scientific Nobel Prizes.


Honoring and expansion

Prof. Dan Shechtman receives a Nobel Prize for his discovery of quasicrystals. Together with Cornell University, the Technion wins a tender for a campus in NY


Expansion to the east

The Technion opens a campus in Guangdong, China


Centenary celebrations

Under President Prof. Uri Sivan, the Technion will be transformed into an interdisciplinary university for research and teaching from 2019. From 2024, it will be technologically prepared for the next century.


TheTechnion and the German Technion Society in a historical context

The article linked below sheds light in detail on the history of the Jewish Institute for Technical Education in Palestine, which later became known as the Technion. He describes the efforts of the proponents to finance the project and find a suitable location. In addition, the pedagogical concept and the areas of responsibility of the institute are explained. Despite financial difficulties and political unrest, the Technion was finally completed and established as the first university of the future state of Israel.