For students

There are various ways to study at the Technion: as a semester or year abroad, as a research internship, as a doctoral or post-doctoral stay and as a completed degree in one of the Technion’s many engineering and science departments. A clinical traineeship in medicine is also possible:

Promenade in the center of the Technion campus

For one- or two-semester stays abroad at the Technion, please direct your questions to the “Technion International” department.

Student residences on campus

For research internships, registration in the chosen lab, confirmation from the lab supervisor and confirmation from the Technion International Research department ( are required. Applicants from the field of life sciences should also refer to the DTG website

Student group in the Taub Building, Department of Computer Sciences

If you would like to enroll for an entire degree program, please send your application to the International Office of the Technion. Applicants for a dissertation or a postdoctoral stay at the Technion should contact the Graduate School.