Prof. Gideon Grader is awarded the Scientific Grand Prize for Chemistry and Hydrogen

The Charles Defforey Foundation of the Institut de France, a non-profit professional society linking the five French academies of science, honored Prof. Gideon Grader from the Wolfson Institute of Technical Chemistry at the Technion with the Grand Prize for Chemistry and Hydrogen on June 21, 2023. The prize is a research grant for the development of innovative green hydrogen.

In recent years, Prof. Grader has already founded the company H2Pro together with Prof. Avner Rothschild, which has received numerous awards in Europe. The development of Prof. Grader’s E-TAC process is intended to further simplify future hydrogen production, make it more cost-effective and adapt it for industrial applications.

Prof. Gideon Grader is currently conducting research into thermoelectric ceramics together with Prof. Armin Feldhoff from Leibniz University Hannover in a collaboration funded by the MWK of Lower Saxony.

Photo Institut de France: Prof. Gideon Grader receives the Grand Prize from Prof. Odile Eisenstein

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