Honors for Johny Srouji, Aharon Aharon and Prof. Eli Biham

The Technion Alumni Medal is awarded to graduates of the university who have made exceptional achievements in the fields of exact and engineering sciences, medicine or architecture and who have also proven themselves to be outstanding personalities in Israel. President Uri Sivan honored both Johny Srouji (Apple) and Aharon Aharon (C-Perto) with this medal.

In addition, he honored Prof. Eli Biham with an award for outstanding achievements at the opening reception on the occasion of the Board of Governors. His knowledge and commitment were crucial in quickly averting the cyberattack on the Technion in the spring. As head of the Fujiwara Cybersecurity Research Center at the Technion, Prof. Biham has passed on his knowledge of cryptology and computer security to numerous students, whom he thanked for their help.

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