Predicting the effectiveness of new cancer therapies in personalized medicine

A study conducted at the Technion shows that cell typing, which includes gene expression and metabolism, can predict the effectiveness of immunotherapies in cancer patients. Based on these discoveries and an extensive data analysis, tools were created that take into account the metabolism in the immediate vicinity of a tumor and thus filter out the patients for whom such a therapy is particularly suitable.
Since cancer therapies have been equipped with ICI (immune checkpoint inhibitors), they have shown great effect and success — but only in around 40% of patients. For other patients, negative effects predominate.

With the new method developed by Prof. Keren Yizhak and her doctoral student Ofir Shorer from the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion, the therapies can now be used specifically for susceptible patients.

You will find the study in ISCIENCE at the end of the attached text.

Prof. Keren Yizhak, PhD

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