The Technion honors eight outstanding personalities with honorary doctorates

Prof. Dr. Anton Zeilinger (Austria), Prof. Daniel Zajfman (Israel), Dr. George Elbaum, Prof. Harry B. Gray, Kenneth Levy (all USA) as well as Robert and Ruth Magid (Australia) and Irith Rappaport (Israel) were honored with honorary doctorates from the Technion during this year’s Board of Trustees meeting. Prime Minister Bennett congratulated him with a personal video message. The Brussels-born President of the Weizmann Institute, Daniel Zajfman, completed his academic training at the Technion, where he also obtained his doctorate in nuclear physics. Prof. Zeilinger has been cooperating very successfully with various colleagues at the Technion in the field of quantum physics for many years.
The Technion’s press release includes the jurors’ reasons for the awards.

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