Successful prediction of the effect of immunotherapies in cancer treatments

Prof. Yuval Shaked, his doctoral student Madeleine Benguigui and his postdoctoral researcher Dr. Tim J. Cooper from the Rappaport Faculty of Medicine at the Technion have identified a subgroup in the blood that will make it possible in future to predict the effect of immunotherapies in different cancer patients quite accurately. To date, only around 40% of immunotherapies are effective, and a large number of patients suffer the associated side effects without any improvement in their chances of recovery.
Based on the new findings, which the working group discovered together with scientists from Heidelberg University, Yale University (USA) and various hospitals in Israel as well as Haifa University, it is no longer necessary to carry out complex tumor biopsies for the preliminary determination by blood analysis. The scientific cooperation was funded by the European Research Council, among others.


Photo © Technion: Prof. Yuval Shaked, Madeleine Benguigui and Dr. Tim J. Cooper

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